Thursday, April 10, 2014

Using a Calculator in Respondus Lockdown Browser

Do you use Respondus Lockdown Browser for quizzes in your course?  Is there a need for students to use a calculator?  Respondus Lockdown Browser can load a calculator within the browser, allowing students’ access to an on screen calculator without exiting the secure browser during their quiz.  In order to enable the Lockdown Browser calculator, you will need to edit the first question in your D2L quiz.

To configure a quiz to use Lockdown Browser’s built in calculator:
  1. Edit the Settings of the D2L quiz you want the calculator to be available for.
  2. On the Layout/Questions tab select Add/Edit Questions.
  3. Select the First Question in the quiz to edit.
  4. Edit the Question Text and insert the value {calc} at the beginning of the question.
    NOTE: If you want a scientific calculator to appear, enter the value {scalc} instead.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Done to exit the quiz questions.
  7. On the Restrictions tab of the quiz, under the section Respondus Lockdown Browser, select the checkbox for Required to take this quiz.
    NOTE: The quiz must be set to require the use of Lockdown Browser in order for the calculator button to appear in the quiz.  If a quiz is taken within Lockdown Browser but the use of Lockdown Browser is not required in the quiz settings the button will not appear.
  8. Click Save and Close.

When the {calc}/{scalc} value appears in the first question of the quiz the calculator button will appear on the lockdown browser toolbar throughout the entire quiz, even if the questions appear on multiple pages.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SoftChalk Availalble in eLearning!

SoftChalk is a tool for creating online learning modules and lessons that can be placed in Desire2Learn or on the web. SoftChalk allows users to:

  • Author content-rich lessons with multimedia, learning activities, games, and quizzing.
  • Access premade templates to quickly create activities and objects to enhance your lessons.
  • Create mobile friendly content for phones and tablets through HTML5 content.
  • Utilize lessons across different platforms through Common Cartridge, Learning Tools Interoperability, and SCORM standards.

The eLearning Department has SoftChalk available for Instructors to try out and create their own projects on. Please feel free to call us at (517) 483-1839 or email us at to reserve a time and try out this great tool.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Would you like to receive text message notifications for your course updates?

Desire2Learn offers a text message instant notification option for those users who wish to receive instant notifications through their mobile phone. This is an optional service that can help users stay connected with their Desire2Learn courses on the go!

To set up your mobile number to receive text message notifications:
  1. Select the Personal Menu (your name) from the Mini Bar.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Select Register Your Mobile.
  4. Select the Country your number is from.
    NOTE: Only numbers from the United States or Canada are eligible.
  5. Select your Mobile Carrier.
  6. Enter your Mobile Number.
    NOTE: All standards text message rates apply based on your phone/data plan.
  7. Select Save. At this point, a text confirmation number will be sent to your mobile phone.
  8. Enter the Confirmation Number you received.
  9. Select Confirm.
  10. Select the Max Number of Message per day from the drop-down menu.
  11. Select Save.
For instructions on setting up other notification options, please visit:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

iSpring Available for use in the eLearning Department!

iSpring is a software plugin for PowerPoint that allows Instructors to convert their PowerPoint presentations into stand-alone video presentations. Once converted, iSpring presentations allow for rich presentations in Desire2Learn that work on both PCs and mobile devices.

iSpring allows users to:

  • Convert PowerPoint presentations into video presentations in their own player.
  • Create presentations for Desire2Learn that include audio narration, embedded video, and quizzing that reports to the Desire2Learn Grade Book.
  • Add mobile compatibility to presentations by supporting both Flash and HTML5 formats.

iSpring is available for Instructors to try out with their presentations in the eLearning Department. To set up an appointment to use iSpring, please contact the eLearning Department at (517) 483-1839 or

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grading Submissions from the Dropbox!

Dropboxes in Desire2Learn allow Instructors to view, grade, and provide feedback for many types of student file submissions directly from a dropbox folder for a variety of course assessments. Within a dropbox, Instructors can:

  • View most file types in Desire2Learn without having to download the file.
  • Enter grades and feedback all in one screen.
  • Associate dropbox grades with the gradebook.
  • Grade submissions using rubrics.
  • Leave written and/or recorded audio feedback.
  • Move on to the next student within the grading/feedback screen.

For instructions on evaluate submissions in a Dropbox folder, please visit:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Notification Options in Desire2Learn

The notifications tool in Desire2Learn enables you to:
  • Receive instant notifications about course activity such as grades, new discussion posts, upcoming quizzes and more.
  • Subscribe to receive a summary of activity for each course and/or a daily email about quizzes, dropboxes, new emails, and more.
  • Specify how you would like to receive your notifications, by email or text message.
To set up your notification settings in Desire2Learn:
  1. Select the Personal Menu (your name) in the Mini Bar.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Review your Contact Methods.
  4. Select your Summary of Activity option.
  5. Select the Checkbox next to each type of Instant Notification you wish to receive.
    NOTE: If you did not set up a mobile number, you will not be able to select the SMS options.

To set up text notifications, please visit:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Camtasia Studio Available for Use in the eLearning Department!

Camtasia Studio is screen-recording software created by TechSmith, a local company located in Okemos, MI. This versatile software allows users to record their screen and mouse movements, including narration, to create effective software demonstrations that can be uploaded to YouTube or saved in sharable video formats.  

Camtasia allows users to:
  • Record videos in high definition with narration while capturing each mouse movement and selection.
  • Edit videos and add effects, callouts, and closed captioning.
  • Upload videos directly to YouTube,, or save the file out in numerous video formats.
  • Add Camtasia as a plug in to PowerPoint, allowing users to record and prepare their presentations as video files.

The eLearning Department has a license of Camtasia available for LCC Instructors to try out and utilize to create their multimedia course content. If you would like to set up an appointment to use Camtasia in the eLearning Department, please contact us at or (517) 483-1839.